Up to 50%

Savings in Time

  • Superior system technology: wedge-head connection for non-bolted, self-securing assembly.
  • A few basic components; material-saving logical assembly.
  • Shorter assembly time.
  • Shorter dismantling time.


Less Weight

  • Verified high load-bearing characteristics of the Allround joint.
  • A considerable reduction in material weight makes assembly faster and less fatiguing therefore higher man performances are achieved.
  • Reduced environmental impacts


Less Maintenance

  • No delays caused by imprecise fitting of individual components.
  • Quicker to modify and adapt.
  • Improved quality of service.
  • Certified production assures top quality and maximum safety standards adhered to.



  • Clear system technology: the extensive range of components based on the modular principle allows every conceivable use for every requirement.
  • Optimum compatibility with all Layher systems.
  • Highly flexible scaffolding equipment; maximum adaptation to existing structures or buildings.