Pre Construction

Early Stage Budgets

  • For key customers Rose will provide detailed budgetary costs, programme information.
  • We work collaboratively with our clients, but aren’t afraid to challenge and test the information provided to ensure you benefit from our experience of what works in different situations.
  • We create innovative solutions whilst delivering precisely what your project needs.
  • We use the best scaffold software (Strikesoft / Layplan AutoCAD). We can provide 2D and 3D scaffolding drawings of our Layher Allround scaffold solutions against your building structures.
  • The current partnership between Layher and Rose System Scaffolding allows us to offer our customers an enhanced product and service: SIM (Scaffolding Information Modelling) – compatible with the more commonly known BIM software. In addition the software gives us options for
  • Eliminate any potential design errors before erection.
  • Perform Clash testing & show potential interfaces with scaffold.
  • Produce accurate material lists from drawn scaffolds to ensure the right equipment is sent, to prevent delays.
  • Provide Augmented realistic images.
  • Virtual Reality
  • Import CAD files into animation & visualisation software.
  • Simulate construction sequence

Rose System Scaffolding Standards

  • Temporary Works managed by Rose from the Design Brief to Handover of Scaffold.
  • Design Briefs prepared by Rose’s Estimating Department
  • Agreement on site particulars managed by Rose’s Contract Team
  • Working Drawings formally communicated to Scaffold operatives
  • Working Drawings issued and stored with site folder

Our Projects