RSS – Charity & Employee Incentive 2022

In summer 2021, the business took the decision to move over to a digital integrated mobile platform as opposed to our previous handwritten methods.
With the help of our current stakeholder Strikesoft Toby Cave, this has become an integral tool in enabling us to streamline our own daily communications internally, with our client and our teams on site.

Moving with technology has allowed us to be able to record live data and store in the β€˜cloud’, reduce our management time collecting/collating data, enabled us to be pro active upon receipt of the same & helps us reduce our carbon footprint throughout the process.
Scaffolders can record handovers, variations, complete load lists, have access to site specific info and much more directly from their mobile.

The general progress and feedback we have received since our transition has been outstanding. Therefore, we have taken the decision to present a monthly award throughout 2022 to the operatives who excel with their customer service to our respected clients. Additionally, we have decided to not only reward the individuals but also support a charity of their choice.

During this integration period notable contributions from Dale Cryne, Chris Morris, Leon Eadsforth, Josh Howson & Kane Hickman haven’t gone unnoticed. For this reason, they have all received a reward for their efforts and we have supported their chosen charities too.

Manchester Dogs Home
Manchester Childrens Hospital
St Annes Hospice
Help for Heroes