Team Spotlight – Meet Chris

Employee Spotlight: Chris Howson, Operations Director at Rose System Scaffolding

At Rose System Scaffolding, we value our team and appreciate their hard work and dedication to delivering high-quality services. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Chris, our Operations Director, who has been an integral part of the company from day one. In this short interview, Chris shares his role and experience working at Rose System Scaffolding.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your role at Rose System Scaffolding and what your day-to-day responsibilities entail?

A: My role as Operations Director is to oversee all day-to-day running of all the sites, ensuring all sites are run safely, programs are met, and materials are utilised. Working alongside our yard/transport manager, we make sure all materials are on site and in time so the operatives can continue to give a good service as we’ve always done.

Q: How long have you been a part of the Rose System Scaffolding team?

A: I have been part of Rose from day one.

Q: What do you find most fulfilling about working at Rose System Scaffolding?

A: The most fulfilling is knowing that all the staff, from the scaffolders to office staff, everyone has a great working relationship. Everyone is treated with the same respect, and the focus on training and delivery is a top priority.

Q: Could you mention a project or achievement that you are particularly proud of during your time here?

A: The biggest achievement is taking Rose from having no kit and no men to where we are today, and that was only possible by the commitment of the co-directors. A project that stands out is the Vitafoam job because we were still a very new company, and it was a huge scaffold erected on time and safely in an extremely busy working site. The tender was won by us on this because we understood what the client required, something that other scaffold contractors failed to understand.

Q: In 3 words, what sets Rose System Scaffolding apart from other companies in the industry?

A: Training, Innovation, Commitment.

At Rose System Scaffolding, we’re proud to have Chris as part of our team. His dedication to safety, quality, and excellence is inspiring, and his experience in the field is invaluable. We look forward to seeing all the incredible things we will continue to achieve together in the future!